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For Mom

May 9, 2010

Happy mothers day to all the wonderful moms out there!  I hope you all were treated like queens you are and showered with un-measurable amounts of love and affection.

I always try to make my mother’s day gifts each year. This can prove to be quite a difficult task, since my mom and I both have completely opposite styles. I prefer bold, large and colorful pieces; whereas, my mom enjoys more casual, delicate  and earth toned  pieces.  This year I am giving her a wire worked necklace made of copper with snake-skin jasper and ocean jasper semi precious stones.  I was super eager to use my newly acquired wire working skills! It was amazing  to see the piece come together from a pile of selected gemstone beads and raw copper wire to this masterpiece of hand crafted chain connectors and clasps.

I think she will really enjoy this one 🙂

Love you Mom!

(update: She freaked out! Saying she loved it so much it was her fav colors!)

Snake Skin Jasper Pendant

Wire Worked Clasp

Ocean Jasper with Wire Worked Copper Caps

Ocean Jasper with Wire Worked Bead caps

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